Investigating identity, its complexity and many layers, I experimented with monoprints during a month-long residency at Weir Farm National Park in Wilton, Connecticut. I cut more than 30 stencils out of acetate to use in ...



Connection 30 x 23 inches, pencil on paper. This drawing references a found object, a telephone cord, to illustrate my family’s connection to Cuba. The use of the telephone cord speaks to Cuba’s limited resources ...

Today Cover

Editorial Design

Today Magazine In 2002, Today magazine was redesigned by UF News & Public Affairs. The editors wanted a clean, updated look with lots of white space and large, beautiful photos. They chose my banner design ...



To create awareness of pedestrian deaths in Latin America, I first designed a poster to define the problem which features bare feet to symbolize the pedestrian deaths. The poster reads: 60% of pedestrian deaths are ...

Japan-Cuba Poster

Japanese Culture Study

While researching the Japanese culture, I found many similarities and differences to the Cuban culture. The King/Queen poster illustrates how, in the home, the woman is in charge in the Japanese culture, but the man ...



Panchita Linoleum reduction prints on Mohawk Superfine paper, 9.5 x 12.5 inches (image 5 x 7 inches) Cuba Sketchbooks Printed with polymer plates over digital print of maps, book 5.75 x 7.25 inches Querida Mami ...

Che No, Gandhi Si poster

Che No, Gandhi Si

To help educate teenagers and young adults, I designed a campaign that encouraged youth to look at Gandhi as the better person to idolize for standing up to the establishment with non-violent disobedience. The slogan ...

Little Havana Cover

Little Havana Revisited

Little Havana Revisited is a catalog of a two-hour visit to the Cuban community in Miami. When I lived in Miami I rarely visited this area, so I saw this as an opportunity for me ...

One Less Car buttons


A few selected logos I designed at University of Florida and in my freelance practice.


Annual Reports

I began designing the UF Financial Annual Reports in 2002 through 2012. I strived to make each one more contemporary and engaging through the use of contemporary typefaces, beautiful photography and white space. Each report ...