• Iluminacíon

    To create awareness of pedestrian deaths in Latin America, I first designed a poster to define the problem which features bare feet to symbolize the pedestrian deaths. The poster reads: 60% of pedestrian deaths are due to accidents with vehicles. Some solutions I investigated and designed were:  CD and reflective tape kits for children, a LED bag made out of hard-structure Tyvek with LED lights that can be turned on in the evening, LED baseball cap, LED bracelets made out of hennequin (a local material) and Tyvek, and a reflective tape vest that allowed workers to safely walk home in the evenings. To document my research and process, I designed a project booklet.

    2009 Ad/Poster and LED Bag, Ligature 18 Design Symposium, Annual Juried Graphic Design Student Exhibition, Focus Gallery, University of Florida