• Connection

    30 in. X 23 in., pencil on paper. This drawing references a found object, a telephone cord, to illustrate my family’s connection to Cuba. The use of the telephone cord speaks to Cuba’s limited resources and closed society where technical advances have been stifled.

    2011 Hiram Williams Painting/Drawing Scholarship Award, College of Fine Arts Student Juried Exhibition Show, University Gallery, University of Florida Juror: Kerry Oliver-Smith, Curator of Contemporary Art at the Samuel P. Harn Museum of Art, Gainesville, Florida
    2011 Querida Mami solo exhibit, Focus Gallery, University of Florida, Gainesville, Florida
  • Panchita Sketchbook

    The Panchita sketchbook journal is where I began exploring the stories my mother told me about her childhood in Cuba. I experimented with several different techniques, such as transferring images, painting, drawing, collage and die cutting. My experiments resulted in a nostalgic visual interpretation of my mother’s stories and memories.

    2011 Querida Mami solo exhibit, Focus Gallery, Gainesville, Florida
  • Japanese Culture Study

    While researching the Japanese culture, I found many similarities and differences to the Cuban culture. The King/Queen poster illustrates how, in the home, the woman is in charge in the Japanese culture, but the man is always in charge in the Cuban culture. The Cups poster illustrates how Japan is a homogeneous society and Cuba is a heterogeneous society.