• Mi Cuba

    I began exploring my mother's stories about growing up in Cuba by creating artwork for a sketchbook. I brought my sketchbook pages to life by creating a Flash animation that featured the artwork and audio of my mother telling her stories about her childhood in Cuba. You can view the animation HERE.
  • Conversations on Culture

    To learn what others perceive about the Cuban and American cultures, I employed the ethnographic research methods of observation and interviewing. After collecting images, video and data, I designed a web page that features photos, interview excerpts and videos. Click HERE to view page. Click on the stars to view short video excerpts.
  • What Is Your Cultural Makeup?

    To visually tell a story, I've experimented with digital forms, as well as print and the page. Here I designed an interactive web page where the user can combine images of women from different cultures. The result is perhaps a typical American. I designed the page to resemble a page from a fashion magazine using Dreamweaver and CSS. Click HERE to view page.
  • Truth & Dare

    In 2014, I had been working as a digital and social media designer for UFCWC, the University of Florida Counseling and Wellness Center. They actively use social media, mainly Facebook at the time, to reach out to students. During my time there, I noticed that, contrary to popular belief, students responded better to posts that actually stated facts, sometimes with a lot of text. The belief is to reduce the text as much as possible, but that was not working with the UF students. Students did not respond to "selling" our products or services. I realized that content is king and three things seemed to work: 1) unique information offering valid facts, 2) paired with a visual element — preferably a cartoon or animal image, and 3) high-quality links. The Outreach Director came up with the Truth & Dare destress campaign, and together with the Digital Outreach Committee, we identified facts that we wanted to highlight. It was my task to design the posts and post them to Facebook.

    The campaign only lasted a couple of months, but the number of likes increased by the same amount they increased in an entire year, average likes more than doubling. Reach also increased (exponentially at times) as our posts were being shared by students and other UF departments. The campaign was a success.

    2016 Showcase Presentation, Spicing up the Digital Presence and Expanding Our Reach, with Gizem Toska, PhD, at the 9th Annual National Outreach Conference, AUCCCO (Association for University and College Counseling Center Outreach), Ohio State University. It was so well received that several universities have contacted UFCWC to ask permission to use the campaign visuals and messaging to reach their students. A great outcome to a truly collaborative effort.
  • CWC Website Redesign

    One of the primary goals at the UFCWC (University of Florida Counseling and Wellness Center), was to redesign the website as soon as possible. The original design was dated, had many inconsistencies and needed to be better organized. The challenge was working with a propriety content management system that was clunky and figuring out what students needed and wanted. By studying Google Analytics data and conducting user testing, we streamlined the website and the content. I redesigned the website, updating the design and structure, making it more organized, consistent and user-friendly. I also created a style guide to ensure consistency in the future.
  • TAO (Therapist Assisted Online)

    TAO (Therapist Assisted Online) is an online anxiety program that was developed at UFCWC for UF students. Before going national with their program, they wanted to improve the user interface design and bring it up to a professional level. Staying within the color palette and feel of the original logo design, I designed an interface that uses nature photos, colors and textures to calm the user and consistent typography that is modern and easy to read. Also created style guide to ensure consistency.