• Editorial Design

    Today Magazine In 2002, Today magazine was redesigned by UF News & Public Affairs. The editors wanted a clean, updated look with lots of white space and large, beautiful photos. They chose my banner design and cover photo, table of contents design, and Alumni and Classnotes section designs. The folio was also based on a design element that appears on the table of contents page.

    2002 Florida Magazine Association, Silver Award – Best Overall Magazine
    2003 CASE Region III, Grand Award – Magazine Publishing Improvement
    2003 CASE Region III, Grand Award – Alumni Magazine
    2003 Florida Magazine Association, Silver Award, Best Redesign

    Muse Magazine
    In 2005, University Relations designed MUSE magazine for the College of Fine Arts. The client chose my table of contents page and the layout and design of the inside pages were based on my initial designs. Included are some banner designs, the final table of contents page and final spreads in the magazine. The final image is a concept illustration for a cover about the left brain and the right brain.

    2009 Golden Gator Awards, Gold Award for Magazine
    2008 Gold Addy Award – Magazine Self-Promotion

    Florida Magazine Florida magazine had a specific style that I needed to adhere to, but this limitation became an asset because I had to be more creative with the typography to design a compelling story.

    2009 Golden Gator Awards, Gold Award for Print Newsletter
  • Iluminacíon

    To create awareness of pedestrian deaths in Latin America, I first designed a poster to define the problem which features bare feet to symbolize the pedestrian deaths. The poster reads: 60% of pedestrian deaths are due to accidents with vehicles. Some solutions I investigated and designed were:  CD and reflective tape kits for children, a LED bag made out of hard-structure Tyvek with LED lights that can be turned on in the evening, LED baseball cap, LED bracelets made out of hennequin (a local material) and Tyvek, and a reflective tape vest that allowed workers to safely walk home in the evenings. To document my research and process, I designed a project booklet.

    2009 Ad/Poster and LED Bag, Ligature 18 Design Symposium, Annual Juried Graphic Design Student Exhibition, Focus Gallery, University of Florida
  • Japanese Culture Study

    While researching the Japanese culture, I found many similarities and differences to the Cuban culture. The King/Queen poster illustrates how, in the home, the woman is in charge in the Japanese culture, but the man is always in charge in the Cuban culture. The Cups poster illustrates how Japan is a homogeneous society and Cuba is a heterogeneous society.
  • Che No, Gandhi Si

    To help educate teenagers and young adults, I designed a campaign that encouraged youth to look at Gandhi as the better person to idolize for standing up to the establishment with non-violent disobedience. The slogan was derived from the slogan “Cuba Si, Yanqui No” used during the Cuban revolution. The campaign began with the distribution of posters throughout two campuses, which featured speech bubbles with facts about both Che Guevara and Mahatma Gandhi. I later distributed posters, stickers and brochures at campus events, and had a raffle for a T-shirt of the same design. All printed materials referred to a website for more information, and I also started a facebook page where relevant information was periodically posted. Click HERE for link to Gainesville Sun Article.
  • Logos

    A few selected logos I designed at University of Florida and in my freelance practice.
  • Annual Reports

    I began designing the UF Financial Annual Reports in 2002 through 2012. I strived to make each one more contemporary and engaging through the use of contemporary typography, beautiful photography and white space. Each report highlights buildings, structures, research and people throughout campus.

    2005 Golden Gator Award – Magazine
    2004 Golden Gator Award – Creativity