• Memories [re]mixed

    Memories / [re]mixed is a book that documents my thoughts on identity and borrowed memories while exploring Weir Farm National Park in Wilton, Connecticut, during an artist residency in 2016. I created digital collages using original photographs of Weir Farm and old family photos and wrote the content. The pages were digitally printed on Stonehenge paper and bound into a concertina structure. The cover is made up of three maps; Weir Farm National Park, Wilton, Connecticut, Havana, Cuba and San Antonio de las Vegas, Cuba, where my mother grew up. The cover was also digitally printed on Mohawk Superfine paper.

    2017 Art of the Book, 7th Annual International Juried Exhibit, Rochester Public Library, Rochester, New York
    2017 Artists’ Book Cornucopia VIII, annual international juried exhibition of contemporary artists’ bookworks curated by Abecedarian Artists’ Books, Gym Gallery, Denver, Colorado
  • 50/50: Finding Myself within Two Cultures

    Growing up in Miami, Florida, I always felt like I did not belong. As a second-generation American, born in America with Cuban parents, I felt like I had two identities. In Miami, Cuba was present in my every day; at home, at school, and at play. When I moved away, I realized just how Cuban I was. As I grew older, I longed for a stronger connection to my Cuban heritage.

    For my MFA creative project, I looked inward to understand what it means to have two identities, how my identities were formed, and why it is so important to me. I employed auto-ethnography and ethnographic methods to explore identity, hybridity, memories, and place. I conducted interviews with Cuban-Americans who talked about their experiences and how they perceive their identity. These interviews were very helpful in validating my feelings and brought into focus my upbringing and place.

    I designed an autobiographical book describing my experiences growing up in Miami and how these experiences and the environment made me who I am, both Cuban and American. The structure of the book is, in essence, a book within a book, where the main focus is my personal narrative, with excerpts of stories revealed during the interviews.

    As designer-author and through visual storytelling, I hope to gain understanding, acceptance, and cultural empathy, and to start a dialogue about identity and what it means to be American.

    2017 7th Annual International Juried Exhibit, Art of the Book, Rochester Public Library, Rochester, New York
    2016 Biennial Faculty Exhibition, Gallery 2, University of West Georgia
    2014 Personal Histories International Artist Book Exhibition, Redland Museum, Queensland, Australia
    2014 Purchase Award, ARTBOUND 2014 Juried Student Book Arts Exhibition, George A. Smathers Libraries, Department of Special Collections, Book Arts Collection, University of Florida
    2013 SA+AH MFA Candidates Thesis Exhibition II, University Gallery, University of Florida
  • Little Havana Revisited

    Little Havana Revisited is a catalog of a two-hour visit to the Cuban community in Miami. When I lived in Miami I rarely visited this area, so I saw this as an opportunity for me to explore an area where my Cuban heritage is the focus and journal my findings and feelings. The cover was done with a blind emboss of the title on a red linen cover stock. The book is only 5.25 X 4 inches in size when folded.

    2011 Querida Mami solo exhibit, Focus Gallery, Gainesville, Florida
  • Other Books

    I have always loved the page or the spread, magazine design being one of my favorite forms of design. I also like making things with my hands and the feel of paper. Bookmaking naturally and happily merges the two. I have been making books for years, never realizing that Book Arts existed as a discipline. In grad school I had the opportunity to learn both letterpress and bookmaking and my love of the book has grown. My books examine and explore culture and identity.